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Victorian & Edwardian Fashion
In this department, we bring you the wide range of fashions from the 1830s to 1919.
From hoops skirts, through bustles to leg-o-mutton sleeves,the pigeon breast bodice, and
the slim lines of the Edwardian lingerie dresses and the softer dresses of World War I.

Ladies Vintage 1910s Teens Linen Walking Suit
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Ladies Vintage 1910s Teens Linen Walking Suit SZ M

This spiffy 2-piece linen walking suit is c.1913 to 1914 and it's a wearable size! It's a natural, heavy weight linen with white linen collar cuffs and attached vestee front that closes with small hooks. The jacket is high waisted at the front with a long loose back with more buttons and interior weights. The front closes at the waistband with a rouleau frog and rimmed buttons. The flared skirt has the same buttons at the sides at the top of the godets plus a side hook closure and another decorative frog at center back. The skirt has three large hooks at the interior waist to connect it to the waist of a missing bodice which would raise the skirt waist to match the jacket. As shown, it is sitting at the regular waist, leaving a gap at the side waist.

Label: none

Size: Jacket: Bust: 40", Under Bust: 37", Shoulders: 17", Sleeves: 23.5", CB Neck to High Waist: 12".
Skirt: Waist: 30", Hips: 44", Waist to Hem: 40", Hem Sweep: 82".

Condition: Very Good and sturdy with no holes. This has been washed, and the color is a bit uneven. The buttons had stains around the metal rims and were removed and cleaned separately. They should be removed for any future cleaning as well. There is some darkening on the buttons, front of the jacket and some soiling on the vestee. Please see close-ups. If the white cuffs and vestee were removed, it could be soaked again. Those small buttons would need to come off as well for cleaning.

 1900s Victorian Whitework Cotton Bonnet
Order #H953
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1900s Victorian Whitework Cotton Bonnet Sz S

This is most likely a child's bonnet as it seems a bit large for a baby (that's a size 21 head it's shown on), but too small for an adult head. The white embroidery is lovely and graces the band, the scalloped front pieces, the bavolet and the back of the gathered crown. The ties are plain cotton and are quite long.

Size: band from ear to ear: 15.5", Nape to Back of Neck: 12", Neckline: 10".

Label: None

Condition: washed. Still has marks as shown. Several small hand sewn mends along the edge of the scallops. Some soil marks on the ties where it was near the neck and face.

Price: $15
Vintage Victorian 1860s Autumnal Plaid Silk Dress SZ S

I am thinking this is a mid-1860s bodice with the skirt altered in the late 1860s. It's a lovely gold, brown and red plaid silk taffeta with lace cuffs and brown fabric covered buttons. The bodice buttons center front with a stand collar, has dropped shoulders, full length sleeves and a slit peplum back. The skirt is two layers. The underskirt is a plain cotton with a pieced silk border and a ruffle at the hem. This has suspender straps that could be pinned in place. The overskirt has a flat front with gathered back, cotton waist band to match the underskirt, and a brown bow on own side. There is a pocket in this skirt as well. The overskirt is almost full length with a ruffle edge as well. I think this has been altered due to needle marks in odd places. The bodice is not boned.

Labels: none

Size: Bodice: Bust: 36", Waist: 27", Shoulders: approx. 15.5", Sleeves: 23", CB Neck to Waist: 16", to Hem 23".
Skirt: Underskirt: Waist: 28", Waist to Hem: 42" Front, Back: 43", Hem Sweep: 96".
Overskirt: Waist: 27.5", Waist to Hem Front: 36", Back 41.5"

Condition: The bodice and underskirt are good. No stains, minor wear at most. The over skirt has had a lot of wear. There are mends and reinforcements with silk organza behind the splits, as well as some dye spotting and scattered small breaks in the warp. Because of wear, the overskirt has been raised slightly with the waistband hand sewn on. Please see close-up

Price: $195
Victorian 1880s Vintage Print Cotton Polonaise Overskirt SZ S

This 1880s overskirt is a creamy white cotton with tan print. The front has an apron style drape, while the back has three swags for the bustle. Both front and back are pleated at the waist with inverted box pleats. The closure is on the side. The hem treatment has two groups of 3 small tucks each. This overskirt will show the underskirt you wear it with at the sides. We show this over a period bustle frame and petticoat.

Labels: none

Size: Waist: 24", Waist to Hem: 42.5" Front, 45" Back, Hem Sweep: 65".

Condition: Fabric is strong with no holes or mends. There is one spot as shown at the left back of the skirt. Please see close-up.

Price: $75
Victorian 1900s Black Silk Gown with Beading by Anna Dunleavy SZ XS-S

You may not know much about Anna Dunleavy, but she was a fine dressmaker with quite the clientele in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Museum of Art has featured her work in several of their publications, especially in A Separate Sphere: Dressmakers in Cincinnati's Golden Age, 1877-1922. If you give her a search, you will see wonderful things. This c. 1900- 01 formal gown is black plisse silk over a stiff black silk taffeta. The boned bodice has a yoke, plastron and cuffs of a sheer printed silk in beige, rose and gold over silk stain. The yoke line and sleeves are trimmed with a sequined and beaded net, with dangling paillettes. The skirt has a deep flounce with ribbon trim, while the lining has a pleated silk ruffle. The bodice has an attached satin sash.

Label: Dunlevy Cincinnati

Size: Bodice: Bust: 34", Waist: 26", Shoulders: 15", Sleeves: 22", CB Neck to Waist:15".
Skirt: Waist: 23", can be let out to 25" by moving hook, Hips: full", Waist to Hem: Front: 41", Back 46", Hem Sweep: full.

Condition: There are just a few dangles missing at the cuffs. The satin collar lining and base under the print yoke is frail. We have backed the weakest areas with silk organza. In order to be worn, the entire collar needs backing with organza. The exterior is lovely with no holes or stains.

Price: $310