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Vintage Hats, Purses,Accessories & Shoes
Formerly known as the Accessories department, here is where you will find all our hats, shoes, gloves, purses, shawls, shoes and even the odd parasol. If we have stockings, they will be here, too!

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Vintage 1920s Art Deco Era Sequin Cloche Hat In Gold SZ S

Love this hat. It’s an Art Deco era cloche completely covered in gold sequins. The wonderful geometric pattern with chevrons, angles and bands is made by three different shades of shimmering gold sequins. The original lining is in place.

Label: Frank R. Jelleff Inc. Paris New York

Size: Crown: 21.5“. No more than a 21.5” head.

Condition:Exterior is excellent with the sequins intact. Lining has loss as shown.


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Late 1930s to Mid 1940s Lilly Dache Felt Cloche Hat

I will say it outright - this is one wacky silhouette. But it is a fascinating effort by one of America’s premier milliners. As to the date. With some help from my colleagues at the Vintage Fashion Guild, we narrowed it down to after 1938 to mid 1944-45. The cloche style hat is pale blue felt with a wide royal blue grosgrain band and a large metallic gold cord appliqué with orange edges at the center front. The crown is very high and pointed with a dart at the top of the appliqué. It can be telescoped down, but there are no signs that this was done - no old folds. There is fading to the color in some areas, but those areas don’t indicate folds, either. There is a narrow grosgrain band on the interior, no lining.

Labels: Lilly Dache Paris New York 78 East 56th Street, N.Y. and Mrs. Eugene Grey Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio Harbor Springs, Michigan

Size: Crown: 21“.

Condition: Exterior has some fading of the blue plus moth cratering as shown.There is a crease line from where the hat must have been stored folded flat.


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Vintage 1930s Black Doeskin I. Miller Oxfords SZ 7

Such stylish lace-ups. These black oxfords have a wonderful contrast effect with the doeskin and the smooth black leather at the sides, lacings and toe cap. The Cuban heels are so comfortable, too. I. Miller was a maker of fine ladies shoes for many years.

Labels: I. Miller Beautiful Shoes Made in New York, U.S.A. and W.E. Newbold Plaza Bootery Cincinnati

Size: labeled a 7AA. Length inside: 9.75”, Width Outside: 2 7/8”, Heel: 2.5”.

Condition:Excellent, with original laces. Soles worn as shown.


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Vintage 1940s Chocolate Brown Felt and Mink Toque Hat

I love this hat. It falls into the 1940s cool felt hat world I really like. This is a toque with a high square crown in a folded arrangement. The front is covered with chevron mink. Forties hats could come in so many silhouettes - although this high one is pretty classic. The 3 covered to match pins are still there as is the skinny elastic band.

Label: Eda Lindner Chicago

Size: Crown: 21”, Height 11”

Condition:Excellent, no stains or holes.


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Vintage 1950s Charcoal Coque Feather Dinner Bandeau Hat

Chic little hat, don’t you agree? The stiffened and curved bandeau base is covered in black velvet and then covered with two cascades of charcoal grey coque feather. These are held in place with a velvet band, embellished with a rhinestone buttons. Very pretty.

Label: none  

Size: 11” X 5”

Condition: Excellent, no stains or holes.


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1950s Black Doeskin Leather & Satin Ankle Strap Sandals
SZ 8 - 8.5

These black evening sandals from the 1950s have use matte leather and shiny satin for definition. The satin outlines the sole and the slight platform, plus a stiffened loops and band over the vamp. The ankle straps have both the leather and the satin and a nifty double strap across the back.

Label: Mademoiselle Shoes and Elder’s

Size: Labeled a 8.5. Length: 10”, Width: 3”,Heel : 3.75” . Fits like an 8.

Condition: Clean. No holes or spots. Wear on soles a shown.

RESERVED Price: $45

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Vintage 1950s Black & White Chevron Satin Pillbox Cocktail Hat with Black Rose

It’s the high contrast that makes this 1950s hat. The frame is covered with alternating folds of black and white peau de soie satin to form chevrons around the crown. And then it’s highlighted with a black rose and a little cocktail veil. Sweet hat.

Label: Evelyn Varon Exclusive

Size: Crown: 16.75”

Condition: Excellent, No holes or spots.

Price: $42

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1980s Vintage Alberto D. Molina Strappy Sandals in Cream and Silver SZ 7.5

These 1980s cream and silver strappy sandals are Italian made in all leather. The vamp has a trapezoid piece that is threaded through with narrow straps, and that theme is carried to the heel as well. These are ankle straps , too. Nicely made shoes.

Label: Alberto D. Molina Made In Italy Vero Cudio
Size: Labeled a 7.5AA. Length: 9 5/8”, Width : 2 7/8”, Heel: 3”

Condition: Light wear.

Price: $30
Victorian 1880s to Early 1890s Wire and Lace Bonnet
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Victorian 1880s to Early 1890s Wire and Lace Bonnet

This charming transitional late 1880s, early 1890s bonnet is a combination of black Chantilly lace, metallic silver lace, deep cream silk satin and velvet flowers, and black velvet. With a bit of gold metallic braid. It has layers of the laces over the wire frame, so it is quite lightweight. The velvet frames the face with the gold flowers above. There is a wired bow at the back, and the lovely lace lappets fall from that.

Label: none.

Size: all over: 7” X 7.5”, lappet length: 33“

Condition: Very Good, with no stains or holes. There is nap loss to the front edge of the velvet.

Price: $135
Edwardian 1910s Two Tone Straw Vintage Hat

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Edwardian 1910s Two Tone Straw Vintage Hat

This charming c. 1917 straw hat is grey green with a chocolate brown straw binding and under brim. It’s trimmed with bittersweet and brown ostrich plumes all around the crown. The lining is a bold silk feather print in brown, persimmon, aqua and wine. There was a vogue for these wonderful patterned linings in the later teens - you will see them quite often in the jackets of solid dark wool walking suits.

Label: Miller Importer 343 George St. New Brunswick, N.J.

Size: Crown: 22.25”, Overall brim: 11.5“X 13”.

Condition: Excellent. There are no spots or stains, the lining is great.

Price: $125
1920s Gold and Chocolate Felt Vintage Hat with Stunning Ostrich Plumes

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1920s Gold and Chocolate Felt Vintage Hat with Stunning Ostrich Plumes

This gorgeous hat dates from the very late Teens, say, 1918, to the early 1920s. It’s a sturdy, stiff golden orange felt with a deep crown and a chocolate brown fur felt brim with matching band. The plumes are ostrich, dyed to match the felt, and set on wires loops. The lining is matching silk satin.

Label: None

Size: Crown: 23” Brim overall: 15.5” X 14”

Condition: Excellent. No stains, holes or signs of wear except for minuscule moth divots. This hat appears unworn. This lining is silk with a piped oval tip, and is set in correctly for the period.

Price: $116

Edwardian Era Faux Tortoise Shell Celluloid Comb

This classic hair comb in celluloid has a popular motif of the time, that of an open fan, with open scroll work radiating out from the base. The coloration is that of a faux tortoiseshell‘ also a popular motif of the era. A pretty comb in a classic Edwardian look.

Size: 8” Long X 7” Wide

Condition: Excellent

Victorian Era Mother of Pearl and Cut Steel Belt Buckle Clasp

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Gorgeous Victorian Era Mother of Pearl and Cut Steel Belt Buckle Clasp

This large round clasp is from the late Victorian era, I am thinking 1880s-1900 with the Eastlake influence to the carving and pierce work. Each half has a center of cut steel work and has a button style sewn on back. The hook and loop appear to be brass plated and are attached with a domed rivet. You can see the solder on the back quite well. It’s possible this was a set of buttons converted to a clasp, but if so, it was done amazingly well and in the period.

Marks: None

Size: when fastened: Length: 3.5”, Width: 1.5”

Condition: some discoloration and age to the metal parts, one side has some flaking off of the pearl only on the back.

Price: $25
1930s Art Deco Vintage Marbled Bakelite Dress Clip

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1930s Art Deco Vintage Marbled Peanut Butter Bakelite Dress Clip

This large marbleized Bakelite dress clip in a marbleized peanut butter and green color combination has a stepped Art Deco design. These dress clips were super popular in the 30s and 40s. The metal spring clip is silver toned pot metal.

Label: none

Size: 2.125” X 1.75”

Condition: Excellent.

Price: $20