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Vintage Hats, Purse & Shoes
Formerly known as the Accessories department, here is where you will find all our hats, shoes, gloves, purses, shawls, shoes and even the odd parasol. If we have stockings, they will be here, too!

1850s - 1860s Victorian Era Navy Blue Wool Bonnet

This soft, unstructured bonnet is mid 19th Century, most likely 1850s - 1860s. It has a soft crown in blue wool, with a gathered bavolet fringed in wool yarn as well. The fringe looks like wisteria. The face edge is heavily gathered and edged with pinked ruffles. There are two silk faille bows, one at the back and one at the center front. The front face ruffles are shaped into a ‘V’ at the forehead. There is a silk ribbon to tie.

Label: none

Size: One size, 19” from front of bonnet over head to end of fringe

Condition: There is surface damage to the wool at the back - apparently from moths as shown.

Price: $75

1960s Jack McConnell Turban with Rhinestones Red Feather Label

I do like a classy turban. This Jack McConnell creation has the red feather label, signifying a McConnell designed, custom made, one of a kind hat. The quality is lovely. The black silk is pleated at the back over the lightweight base, then expertly draped around the sides. The front inset is covered in rhinestone studs in two sizes.

Label: Styled by Jack McConnell New York

Size: Crown: 22”

Condition: Excellent. No spots, or holes.

Price: $125
1920s Vintage Black Velvet and Satin Cloche Hat with Wide Brim

This picture hat is in the wide brimmed cloche fashion of the early 1920s. It is even possibly c. 1919. The fir is quite low on the head, with bands of velvet and satin silk in a soft crown over the buckram base. The wide, asymmetric brim is velvet, with a satin sash worked through a slot in the brim itself. The sash is finished around the crown with a silk rosette and plush button.

Labels: None

Condition: Excellent. The hat has been relined in black silk.

Size: Crown: 22.25” Brim overall: 15.5” X 12.5”

Price: $95

Order #H836
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Vintage 1950s Golden Yellow Wide Brimmed Straw Hat 

This rich golden yellow straw hat from the 1950s has a deep round crown, wide brim and wide grosgrain band to match. The brim is bound in more grosgrain, and the band has a clever curled ribbon detail at the back where the streamers hang. The interior is unlined, with a ribbon band.

Label: none

Condition: Excellent, no spots stains or holes.

Size: Crown: 21”, Brim overall: 16” X 16”

Price: $45

Order #MB524
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Antique 1890s Victorian Sage Green Velvet Hat with Wings

This charming Victorian era hat illustrates the 1890s fashion for small hats with vertical height to balance the wide shoulder lines of the time. The sage velvet covers the flat crown and is draped around the sides to form a small brim. This then becomes a wired upright ‘wing’. Two taupe feather wings are tucked into the draping, and there is a black silk satin ribbon rosette for contrast. The lining is also black silk.

Label: none

Size: Crown: 15” Overall: 8” X 8.5”

Condition: Excellent but for losses to the feathers as shown. The color of the velvet appears to have changed a bit compared to the color at the base.

Price: $115

Order #MB527
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1900s Edwardian Antique Hat in Black Braid and Chiffon 

This c. 1902 - 1907 early Edwardian era hat has a wire construction, making it very lightweight. That’s the secret to large hats - keeping them light enough to wear. This one is black braid with rows of pin tucked back silk chiffon over a wire frame, with topstitched black silk ribbon rosettes and a large silk rose . The lining is black silk as well. Is this a mourning hat? Possibly. But black was a popular fashion color in it’s own right.

Label: none

Size: Crown: 17.5” Overall: 11” X 8.5”

Condition: Excellent. No holes, spots or fading.

Price: $135

Order #A386
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Antique 1910s Teens Silver Compact Purse

These small purses from the Teens are such pretty little baubles. This one would hold a few bills, some coins, and face powder in the mirror compartment. On the backside of the mirror is a celluloid inset for writing notes in pencil. A dance card, I suspect. That’s’ about it. The front is pebble textures with an monogrammed oval cartouche. The back is plain. The small chain handle has long, rectangular links. I believe this to be good silver-plate as it is not marked sterling anywhere.

Marks: Monogram: LTJ. Mark E.A.M. with arrow, plus numerals 869, and 345868

Size: Body of purse is 3.5” X 2 3/8”

Condition: Very good, with some scratches on back and some darkening to plating on inside

Price: $95

Order #A385
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Antique 1910s Teens German Silver Mesh Purse

These small purses from the Teens are such pretty little baubles. This one is silver ring mesh with a woven mesh wrist strap and silver frame. The chasing on the tassel and strap slides is lovely as is the work on the Gothic arch shaped frame. The purse is hinged with a small clasp with inset blue glass stone.

Marks: Germany, Al Paca Soldered Mesh , GSJ

Size: Body is 6.5” X 4” , Length with handle and tassel is 13.75”

Condition: Excellent.

Price: $145

Order #MB528
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1950s Vintage Lilly Dache New Look Hat in Amber Braid

This is an astounding hat form Lilly Dache. It’s all hand sewn horsehair braid. Rows and rows of braid. The amount and quality of the labor is amazing. This is a soft and light hat - all braid and some wire, with a soft crown and a tan veiling overlay. The tulle is pleated over the under brim except at the front, where it switches and cover a triangle of the upper brim , with the point coming to the horsehair braid bow. The color is somewhat changeable - a dark amber in low light, and a glowing one in bright electric light.
There is no lining.

Label: Lilly Dache Paris 78 East 56th St New York

Size: Crown: 20”,Brim overall: 20” X 20”

Condition: Excellent, the veiling is a bit frayed around the brim edge as shown.

Price: $200

Order #P15
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Mid 19th C. Micro Bead Purse in Multicolor Floral Design

This 1850s - 1860s beaded purse form our own collection has a wonderful floral pattern with the horizontal emphasis of the mid century. The colors of the glass beads are bright and clear - blues, reds, greens, gold and rust tones - it’s quite wonderful. The bag is a drawstring style with bone rings and black cords. The lining is a natural raw silk . As this shows no wear, it may be a replacement. Nicely done, though.

Label: none

Size: 6” Wide X 6” Deep

Condition: Excellent, with no missing beads or discolorations. The lining is clean. This and the cords are probably replacements.

RESERVED Price: $150

Order #A520
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Mid 19th C. Victorian Folding Carriage Parasol in Blue and Black Chantilly Lace

Such a pretty accessory from the middle years of the 19th century. This 1860ish Victorian parasol is the folding or ‘carriage’ type with a blue silk cover, Chantilly lace overlay and white silk lining. The handle is bone, with a brass slide to fix the hinge in place. The finial is surrounded by a lace ruffle. The finial was missing when we found this. A new wood tip was turned on a lathe and painted to match the handle.

Label: none

Size: 24” Long, 14” long when folded, Frame is approx. 20” across

Condition: Excellent but for one 1.5“ or so split in the blue silk layer, near the top, up under the lace ruffle area. The lace and silk lining are intact, so this only be seen through the lace. Due to this, I would not suggest opening this all the way because the strain on the cover will cause more problems. As mentioned, the finial tip is a custom made replacement. No spots or holes.


Order #MB534
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Victorian 1870s Men’s Cotton Canvas Envelope Wallet

This c. 1875 tan cotton canvas accordion style envelope wallet has leather binding,  four accordion pockets and one pocket inside the flap. The hand inked interior has red and black calligraphy with German? or English lettering. I think I read it as F A Gardh. Or J.A. Hardh. There are stamped names on the inside slide pockets on the flap as well. But it’s illegible, at least to me! The wallet is stitched in red to match the calligraphy.

Label: none

Size: 8.5” Long, 4.5” Wide when folded

Condition: Wear and soiling to the exterior as shown, with some wear to leather edges and what a line of dark stains on the flap. Interior is clean.

Price: $85

Order #MB525
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1900s Victorian Wide Brimmed Black Straw Hat

This c. 1900 summer hat has a wide flat brim with a shallow crown. The brim has a circlet of black cotton, a straw cord in loops and flowers in back and with tan leaves. The underside of the brim show the straw. The crown is lined in black cotton.

Label: B & J crest in the lining.

Size: Crown: 18”. Brim Overall: 15” X 13”

Condition: Excellent, I suspect the tan leaves have faded from their original green. The lining is original.

Price: $125

Order #MB526
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Teens Straw Hat with Dyed Ostrich Plumes

This 1913 - 1914 Teens straw summer hat has rakish tilt to it, with the brim set on the crown asymmetrically. The round deep crown has large sprays of ostrich plumes that are delicately shaded into pale blue. The small floral knot is subtly toned as well. The hat is missing its lining.

Label: none.

Size: Crown: 24” Overall: 16” X 15.5”

Condition: Very Good, the lining is missing as noted, there are some losses to the spines of the plumes, and the straw where the brim is turned under is a bit rough.

Price: $154

Order #MB531
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1930s Vintage  Silver Lame D’Orsay T Strap Evening Shoes

These lovely very late 1920s - 1930s T-straps pumps were made to sparkle in the evening. The fabric is a silver lame brocade set off by bright silver leather straps and punch work strip detailing. The straps fasten with a small button.  They came from Marrot’s in Indianapolis, and still retain a small paper tag form the store.

Label: Marrot’s Indianapolis

Size: Width: 2 7/8”, Length: 10”, Heel: 2.5”

Condition: very Good, with soles as shown, wear to the silver a shown and on of the T straps is loose from the ankle straps. A good shoe repairman might e able to fix this.
Price: $95

Order #MB523
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1940s Black Doeskin Leather Vintage Hat with Coque Feathers 

This late 1930 s- early 1940s hat has such a strong and dramatic profile. It’s a true black leather doeskin over buckram ( I think) with the side brims caught up to the shallow crown. The two sprays of black coque feathers flare out from the sides of the crown at that point. A striking hat in an unusual shape. The hat is lined with a grosgrain band and an elastic to hold it on at the nape.

Label: none

Size: Crown  - one size. Overall 11” length X 7” width

Condition: Excellent.No holes, fades, stains or mends.  The elastic is  rather small. We can include a ling piece of black elastic cord.

Price: $95

Order #A101
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1910s Edwardian Beaded Purse in Red, Blue and Yellow with Filigree Frame

We are happy to offer this great little 1910s beaded bag in red, yellow, slate blue, white and black. The pattern is somewhat abstract leaf shapes with a white bottom. The frame is a filigree type with chain. The blue silk lining is original and is in good condition. The purse is the same front and back. This is a charming and even useable example of a 1910s ladies bag.

Label: none

Size:5.5” X 6”, not including chain

Condition: Excellent. The filigree has lost most of its silvering. There is a brown spot on the base as shown. The lining is in very good condition. The beads are intact. The color is strong and not faded.

Price: $135

Order #MB522
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1920s Beautiful Black Velvet Cloche Hat with Metallic Flowers

This dramatic oval brimmed hat is c. 1918 - 1924. The main fabrics are black silk velvet and a gold metallic and black striped silk. The appliquéd flowers are done in both fabrics in contrast to the base. In addition , the flowers are edged with couched ribbons and have ribbon centers . The leaves are embroidered in gold thread. There is a gold cord around the brim edge, and the brim lining is the velvet. The hat is lined in black silk.

Label: none

Size:Crown: 23”, Brim Overall: 16” X 13.5”

Condition: Excellent, the lining is original and intact. The only flaws are three wrap losses to the strip fabric on the crown.


Order #A388
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Vintage Czech 1920s Black and Orange Beaded Purse With Gold Frame

This brightly colored beaded bag is covered in orange and black gunmetal beads with looped fringe all around. Its lined in orange silk crepe that shows through the beading. The gold tone frame is chased with a leaf pattern and has a double chain. The push clasp works well. A fun bag in great colors.

Label: Made in Czechoslovakia on a paper tag stitched to the lining.

Size: 5” X 6.5”, not including chain

Condition: Excellent. The clasp works. The frame has darkened on the outside. The lining is original.

Price: $150 

Order #H827
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Late 1930s Black Felt Hat with Large Pailettes by John-Frederics 

This is a great late 30s - early 1940s picture hat from famed milliners John-Fredericks. The big brim is wired. The crown  is pointed and covered with very large black pailettes. This crown extends down the back of the head under the brim in a mirror point, also with pailettes. Plus there’s a wide back band with elastic that runs under this back extension and a single elastic. The original veil was missing - we added as new one with chenille dots in a simple shape across the front.

 Label: John Frederics New York Made in America

Size:  labeled a 22. Small crown with elastic to hold one. Brim Overall: 15” X 13”

Condition: Excellent, no holes, no stains. Veiling is new. 

Price: $125 

Order #SH280
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1940s High Heel Ankle Strap Platform Sandals in Navy Blue SZ 9

These late 1940s sandals are deep navy doeskin suede with grey leather interiors. The vamp has cutwork squares with stitching. The ankle straps buckle at the front and have elastic insets at the back. Great shoes with a lot of style, they were made for a fine old Washington, D.C. department store.

Label: Jane Wandl and Woodleigh made expressly for Woodward & Lathrop Washington

Size: labeled a 9. Fits like an 8 - 8.5 . Width: 3”,  Length: 10.25”, Heel: 4” Platform 5/8”.

Condition - Very Good, there are two dings as shown to the inside of one heel. The elastics are replacements with good stretch.

Price: $65

Outstanding Orange Fur Felt 1950 Hats with Bird by Suzy et Paulette

This 1950s hat has a wow factor! It’s a deep orange  wide brim for starters, but add a golden bird that shades to orange and then white across the brim - and Wow. The shape is a saucer I suppose - a wide sloping brim set on a shallow crown underneath.  The bird head is covered with netting and has a black plastic beak.

Label: Suzy et Paulette Chapeaux Chicago  

Size: labeled a 22. Crown: 21.5”,  brim overall: 15.5” X 15.5”

Condition - Excellent, no spots or stains.

Price: $125

Order #P13
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1950s Claret Red and Fuchsia Velvet Bumper Brim Hat

This deep rich claret red velvety hat has a wonderful bumper brim with round crown. At the front, the brim sweeps away from the hat, and the fuchsia velvet crown is exposed. The brim is accented with 2 fuchsia buttons. The back of the hat has a vertical band that holds a rouleau bow. A lovely hat of the period.

Label: Bodé 

Size: Crown : 20.25”

Condition: Excellent, just a few very subtle smushes to the pile.

Price: $35

Order #A515
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1930s Brown Trimmed Pink Kid Gauntlet Gloves by Perrin

These great Perrin’s kid gauntlets are pink kid with both plain brown and pink and brown pink braided leather trim. The ribs are pink and brown as well. A fancy pair of 1930s gloves, indeed.

Label: Perrin’s Real Kid Model 7997

Size: not labeled.  Around palm: 6“  Tip of index finger to hem: 11”. Approx a SZ 6 - 6.5.

Condition: Very Good, with light soiling  on the fingers. Some color variation to the pink. 

Price: $25