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This is our specialty department for Victorian, Edwardian, Teens and 1920s hair combs and accessories, and folding fans when we have them!

Victorian 1830s -1860s Carved Bone or Ivory Hair Comb

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Victorian 1830s -1860s Carved Bone or Ivory Hair Comb

This wonderful old comb is a great example of a treasured accessory. The carving is very dimensional - the small flowers at the top are fully round. It must have been treasured by the owner a great deal as it was extensively repaired in the period. The 4 small metal plates are attached with tiny rivets. This was difficult work, often done by a jeweler.As to bone or ivory? The texture is smooth, not very grainy so I lean toward ivory, which is also supported by the expense of the repair. But I am not an expert on this, so I defer to those who are.

Label: none

Size: Height: 4.5", Width: 3.25"

Condition: Repaired as shown. The center tooth that is attached by one rivet does swing a bit side to side, and the toe buds with repairs at their bases do have some movement. While it can be handled and displayed with care, I would not recommend wearing this.


Order #C70
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Antique Early 19th Century Tortoise Shell Comb  

This large antique tortoise shell comb is a wonder. We are dating it to the 1830s, but to be safe, we should say 1st half of the 19th Century. It’s in the classical Greek style, with hand carved Greek motifs throughout, including leaves and dots. The teeth are numerous and long. The top angles back from the teeth rather sharply.

Label: none
Size: Overall width 9” X overall length 9”

Condition - teeth are all present. There are 4 chips as shown one is only on the back. 

Price: $165 

Order #C85
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Antique Early 19th Century Dyed Horn Comb  

These large combs were made of clarified horn then dyes or painted to resemble blond tortoiseshell.  This on has a leaf and flower motif on the wide rectangular top. The numerous teeth were hand sawn and quite sharp.

Label: none
Size: Overall width 7” X overall length 5”

Condition - 2 teeth are missing, 2 more are broken. There are nicks at both upper corners, and one on the side as shown.   

Price: $50 

Order #AT102
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Edwardian Era Faux Tortoise Shell  Celluloid Comb

This classic hair comb in celluloid has a popular motif of the time, that of an open fan, with open scroll work radiating out from the base. The coloration is that of a faux tortoiseshell‘ also a popular motif of the era. A pretty comb in a classic Edwardian look.

Size: 8” Long  X 7” Wide

Condition: Excellent

Price:  $45
Antique Early 19th Century 1810s - 30s Large Dyed Horn Comb

These large curved combs are often mis-dated. They are early 19th Century, usually 1810 - 30s. This is most likely an American made comb in cow horn, dyed to resemble tortoiseshell. These were cut and hand sawn, often by itinerant comb makers. This comb is particularly well dyed - it really does look like tortoise. These were worn across the back of the head, often at an angle and were a simple accessory that complemented the simple Empire Styles.

Size: 9.5” Wide by 5” Tall

Condition: Excellent. The long narrow teeth are intact, with only two small chips at the points. There is one nick as shown on the upper edges.

Price: $95

Order #C76
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1910s Vintage Teens Back Comb in Blue Moiré Celluloid 

This colorful blue moiré over  clear celluloid back comb was designed to sit in a chignon or knot and hug the back of the head. It has an extreme curve as you can see. The design has a ‘fold over’ top that hides some of the teeth. This is incised with gold lines and has red rhinestones to enhance the designs.

Size: 6 3/4" wide X 1 1/4" tall

Condition: Excellent, all stones present. One replacement stone is visible in the close-up,  it is just a hair larger and a tone bluer.

Price: $65
Early 19th Century Dyed Horn Comb with Flowers

This  c. 1810 - 1830 early 19th Century comb is a bit of American history. These combs were made by traveling comb makers using clarified cow horn, that was then hand sawed into shape. Just as in tortoise, which the horn was dyed to mimic,  the lighter the color of the horn, the more desirable the comb. This might be left plain or then hand dyed with floral motifs. Definitely a pre Industrial Revolution endeavor.  This comb has particularly sharp definition to the flowers and is a very clear horn. A fine hand was involved in the making.

Size:  Width: 6" Height: 5 1/2"

Condition: 2 teeth are missing, one end tooth has been repaired. Because of the length of the teeth, missing ones are common on combs of this age.

Price: $95

Order # C41-40
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C. 1910 Edwardian Side Comb in Art Nouveau Style

This c. 1910 Edwardian celluloid side comb in the Art Nouveau style has 3 teeth with a asymmetric sweeping loop. The base is a clear very dark green celluloid with scrollwork and an outline of blue rhinestones.

Label: none

Size: 5 1/2" High

CONDITION: Excellent. No flaws.

Price: $35