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Vintage Coats, Jackets & Capes
Our outerwear department features Vintage Coats, Jackets, Capes from the Victorian Era to the 70s.

1960s Vintage Green Plaid Caped Inverness Coat by Trigere

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1960s Vintage Green Plaid Caped Inverness Coat by Trigére SZ S/M

This early 1960s plaid coat cut on the bias from Pauline Trigére reminds me of her plaid suit for Patricia Neal in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is a wonderful soft blanket wool, faced with forest green solid wool interior and sewn with flat feld seams. A real treat when working on the bias, but Trigere was a master of bias cut. This is an Inverness - there are no sleeves under the shoulder capes, which are set on the should line only - there is no cape across the back. The body has a very swingy cut. The neckline has a small revere collar at the front, and an attached integral scarf as well. Closures are three leather covered buttons and bound buttonholes. Please note, when worn the sleeves of whatever is worn underneath will show.

Label: Pauline Trigere

Size: Bust: 42", Waist: 43",Shoulders: 16", Capes: 23.5", Hips: Free , CB Neck to Hem: 42", Hem Sweep: 81"

Condition: Excellent, no stains, spots or holes.

Price: $275
1940s Vintage Ladies Striped Wool Jacket in Grey and Red

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1940s Vintage Ladies Striped Wool Jacket in Grey and Red SZ S/M

This Miron wool suit jacket has the use of stripes I associate with the high end California design work. The use of the stripes to emphasize the mini peplums and side panels, plus the triple waist tucks, is well done. The waist is nipped all around , there are bound buttonholes, a crepe lining and original buttons. The shoulder are rather padded as befits a 40s jacket.The Marston Company at 548 C Street, San Diego, California was
started around 1878 by George Marston, a successful business owner, and philanthropist (see Balboa Park, Presidio Park and the San Diego History Center) and the department store carried on until 1961 when it was sold.

Labels: The Marston Company Dan Diego, National Recovery Boards, and Miron 100% Virgin Wool styled by Swansdown

Condition: Very Good, with one worn buttonhole as shown. Freshly cleaned, no other spots or holes.

Size: Bust: 40", Waist: 29",Shoulders: 16", Sleeves: 24", CB Neck to Waist: 16.5", Neck to Hem: 27”

Price: $55
Vintage 1960s Red Wool Dress and Coat Set By Originala

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Vintage 1960s Red Wool Dress and Coat Set By Originala SZ M

This 60s set is from one of the high end makers of the era. And the quality shows in both the design and the construction. Let’s start with the dress. Fully interlined in silk organza and line in red silk, this has top-stitch details, a hand set zipper, a front half belt, inseam pockets on the side front seams, and a deep center front inverted pleat that hangs perfectly. The coat, which is winter weight, has matching buttons, red lining, bound buttonholes, a back half belt, and big patch pockets. These are tricky though - the opening is on the side. The flaps are just for style.

Label: Originala on both pieces, ILGWU 1964 - 74 label, and National Board of the Coat and Suit Industry

Size: Dress: Bust: 38", Waist: 34", Hips: 40", CB Neck to Waist: 15", CB Neck to Hem: 38", Hem circumference: 70”
Coat: Bust: 38", Waist: 36", Hips: 44", Shoulders: 16", Sleeves: 23.5", CB Neck to Waist: 18", CB Neck to Hem: 40.5".

Condition: Excellent.

Price: $235