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1920s & 1930s Fashion
Welcome to the world of the 1920s and 30s, with beaded gowns, flapper dresses, cloches and the both the Depression glamour of 
bias cut 1930s evening dresses to the preview of shoulder pads on the eve of war. 

Order #D2574
1920s Black Silk Chiffon and Velvet Vintage Dress with Great Rhinestone Buckle SZ L

What a great 1920s dress in rayon chiffon with zig zag velvet appliques (the cord trimmed edges! The shoulder pin tucks!). The velvet is used at the lower portion of the bodice, and the front corner flap of the overskirt as well as the softly draped sash and the cuffs of the sleeves. The sash is held by a decorative metal buckle with enamel work, chasing and square rhinestones. The dress has an attached lining with nude tone silk yoke and black silk crepe body. This dress is intended to fit easily, with a bit of fit at the dropped waist. There are no closures.

Label: none

Size: Bust: 42”, Low Waist: 40”, Hips: 48”, Shoulders: 16”, Sleeves: 22”, CB Neck to Low Waist: 20.5”, to Hem: 45”, Hem Sweep: lining: 52”, Outer chiffon 59” 

Condition: Exterior is excellent, no spots, stains and only one small 1/8” break at the right back shoulder. The nude tone slip yoke has deteriorated and has been replaced with a matching silk with hand rolled edges. This is mounted by hand to the dress neckline. 

Price: $250
Early 1920s Deep Cream Silk Satin and Art Deco Lace Vintage Dress
Order #D2581B
Early 1920s Deep Cream Silk Satin and Art Deco Lace Vintage Dress

This early 1920s dress has a fantastic Art Deco silk lace skirt overlay with a silk satin bodice and underskirt. The matching sleeve panels are attached to a silk slip type underbodice. The lace is embellished on the skirt with gathered roundels of silk ribbon and on the sleeves with ribbon edging. The outer bodice is a tabard style with open sides and soft tucks. The skirt is gathered. Plus! This has the boned pannier hoops occasionally seen in the early 20s skirts. Side closures with hooks and snaps. There was a sash at one time- there are still some snaps for it at the side.We will include the silk teddy that came with the dress. It has lovely tatting lace at the neckline and tucks at the front and back bust.

Label: none
Size: Dress: Bust: 34”, Low Waist: 31”, Hips: Full, Shoulders: 14”, Shoulder Neck to Waist: 18” Waist to Hem: 30”, Hem Sweep: Lining 49”, Lace 80” Teddy: Bust: 36”, Hips: 44”, Full Girth: 71”, Shoulder to Hem: 32”.

Condition: Exterior is good, with a repair under the shoulder snaps that is hidden when fastened, a spot on the front bodice a shown. And two small holes where the sash was attached at the left side. The ribbon trim is deteriorating – there is shredding in several places. Plus, one spot and a hole as shown at the hem area of the lace skirt. The underskirt has a large, but very faint moisture ring type spot. This has been washed. The ribbon straps of the slip have losses and have been reinforced with silk.
The attendant silk teddy has replacement straps, and a large hand sewn backing where the silk tore at the hem of the body where it snaps onto the crotch straps. There are holes are as shown. But as it appears to have been original with the dress, we will include it.

Price: $110
1920s to 1930s Vintage Tasseled Marabou Stole in Brown and White
Order #A559
1920s to 1930s Vintage Tasseled Marabou Stole in Brown and White

This is such a neat accessory. We have had the feather shoulder capelets of this era, but this is a first in the stole department. It’s a two-tone piece with natural color feathers and marabou in brown and white. Lined in silk crepe, the front ends are finished with highly detailed brown ribbon and cord tassels. A fantastic finish for your 1920s or early 30s evening dresses.

Label: none

Size: Width at Center back: 7”, Total length including tassels: 68”.

Condition: Excellent, no spots, stains or holes. Lining is intact. Minimal shedding.The right side wants to twist as it hangs. 

1920s Natural Linen 2 Piece Sport Set with Knickers and Vest SZ M
Order #MI654 
1920s Natural Linen 2 Piece Sport Set with Knickers and Vest SZ M

This wonderful 2-piece set came together form a Pennsylvania estate. She even showed us the photos of her aunt wearing it! That said, the pieces coordinate well, but do not match in material. The sleeveless top has mother of pearl buttons to close at both sides, so that the sides open completely. There is one slanted welt pocket and belt loops at the sides. The V neck has a nice line. The knickers have side plackets also with mother of pearl buttons, 2 side welt pockets, belt loops and wide knee bands with a shaped button band and an extra button per side. We show these with a white tailored shirt and tie, and a leather belt – these are not included.

Label: Top has owner’s label of Sarah A. Hoffman. Knickers: The Fad of the Hour Knickers

Size: Top: Bust: 42”, Waist: 40”, Hips” 42”, CB Neck to Waist: 17”, to Hem: 27”. Knickers: Waist: 28.5”, Hips: 43”, Side Waist to Hem: 29.5”, Inseam: 19.5”, Girth: 28”.

 Condition: Both pieces have been washed and pressed. The top has slight were at the front V of the neckline, and a period repair to the right-side hem as shown. The knickers have a spot at the left side as shown and one button is chipped as shown.

1920s Coral Beaded Silk Chiffon Party Dress SZ S
Order #D2573 
1920s Coral Beaded Silk Chiffon Party Dress SZ S

This early 1920s dress is a great color and has lovely beading. Please know it also has flaws. More than we usually offer here, but we couldn’t resist the color. We’ll detail those lower down the page. It’s a persimmon silk chiffon over a silk slip with a dropped waist, loose fit and four gathered panels to the overskirt. The beading is done in silver bugles, both long and short, and pearl beads with wax centers. The closures are on the left, with snaps and a few hooks.

Label: none

Size: Bust: 34”, Low Waist: 34”, Hips: 52”, Shoulders: 14”, Shoulder to Waist: 20” to Hem: 44.5”, Hem Sweep: 52”

Condition: The flaws: large loss as shown at the right front shoulder, this has been backed with a dyed to match piece of chiffon. You’ll want a corsage over this. The beading – the large bugles are intact. Quite a few small bugles are missing. Some of the pearls have been replaced with modern pearl beads, but it’s a pretty good match. There are also some small holes along the edges of the over bodice. The big issue – this was stored in a hot environment at some point, and many of the wax interiors of the pearl melted, leaving a dark waxy residue. We removed all the pearl beads, washed the dress in Orvus and lukewarm water. Any hotter would have removed more wax, but also more dye. Then we re-stitched all the pearls. Then gave it a light and quick steam. Sadly, the darker areas are still there, and I don’t think they can be removed without losing all the dye. Plus, the pearls will have to come off and on again. These areas are around all the roundels of peals and are also scattered throughout the address. So, this is a colorful dress that is sturdy enough to wear, but only in a low light situation.

Price: $195

 1920s Vintage Black Velvet & Moiré Evening Dress Coat SZ S
Order #O450
1920s Vintage Black Velvet & Moiré Evening Dress Coat SZ S

This lovely evening dress coat is lightweight in black velvet with a silk lining. The front panels, neck ties, cuffs and circular flounce are all in a rayon moiré. The sleeves are quite long with the added ribbon cuff, but wasn’t meant to be turned back as it is not lined and the seam would show. There are the typical 1920s back neck darts as shown. The construction on this is good, but most likely home or dressmaker made. 

Label: none

Size: Bust: 38”, Waist: 38”, Hips:38”, Shoulders: 14”, Sleeves: 26.5”, CB Neck to Hem: 41”, Hem Sweep: 114”
Condition: Excellent with No stains, holes, or signs of wear. 

Price: $145
1920s Café au Lait Lace Vintage Cloche Hat with Woven Trim SZ 21.5
Order #H918
1920s Café au Lait Lace Vintage Cloche Hat with Woven Trim SZ 21.5

This later 1920s cloche is a very pretty one in ecru, red and dark gold. The crown is fine net lace over the colorful trim while the narrow brim has the lace over a narrower version of the trim with a horsehair braid under brim for support. Originally, there was a silk tulle lining, most of which is gone. 

Label: none

Size: Crown: 21.5” 
Condition: no stains or holes, tulle lining is almost all gone. 

Early 1920s Smocked Pink Silk Vintage Cloche Hat
Order #H917
Early 1920s Smocked Pink Silk Vintage Cloche Hat SZ 21.5

This early 1920s cloche is unusual with its soft tam style crown of pink smocked silk taffeta with a pin tuck bad. The front is edged with velvet flowers. The narrow brim is sheer horsehair braid with a pink straw edge, while the back crown is also straw. The original lining is plaid silk taffeta in grey, cream and orange. 

Label: none

Size: Crown: 21.5” 

Condition: Excellent, no stains or holes. 

Vintage 1930s Print Silk Chiffon Day Dress in Yellows, Red & Lavender
Order #D2570B
Vintage 1930s Print Silk Chiffon Day Dress in Yellows, Red & Lavender SZ S/M

The 1930s brought us the prettiest, softest chiffon dresses. This one has a charming floral pattern in red, aqua and lavender on a soft yellow ground. The dress has a caped collar with small ruffled edge, an easy fit waist, and a tired skirt. The top circular flounce is set on with a scalloped seam. The longer tier is full and softly gathered.   There are crocheted belt loops on the side, no belt. No closures. 

Label: none

Size: Bust: 37”, Waist: 30”, Hips: 40”, Shoulders: 14”, Shoulder to Waist: 15.5”, Shoulder to Hem: 45”, Hem Sweep: 196”

Condition: No Spots or stain, no holes. The sash is missing. A ribbon would be lovely. 

Price: $185 
Order #H903 
Vintage 1920s Rose Pink Crochet Boudoir Cap

I believe this charming piece to be a 1920s boudoir cap. It’s rose pink crochet with the best crochet baubles on the sides. Being all crochet net, it’s very soft and somewhat flexible in size.The edge finish is lovely scrolls. 


Size: Crown: 22”, stretches up to 23”. 

Condition: Excellent, with no spots, holes or stains. 

Price: $45

Vintage Late 1920s Persimmon Silk Chiffon
Dress and Jacket SZ S
Order #D2550
Vintage Late 1920s Persimmon Silk Chiffon Dress and Jacket SZ S

This late 1920s dress has a waistline that is almost back to a natural position. The sleeveless dress has a scoop neck, gently gathered waist, and skirt with horizontal pin tucking at the waist. The skirt has a curved seam to mimic a yoke, with a gathered drape on the curve and a straight handkerchief panel dropping from the vertical shirred line. This has a row of Mother of pearl dangles, the skirt has an under lap under the drapes.The matching over blouse has scalloped edges, a soft fold over collar and sleeves with a deep split flounce. There are no closures, this is a slip on dress.

Label: none 

Size: Dress: Bust: 36”, Low Waist:36”, Hips:37”, Shoulder to Low Waist: 18”, to Hem: 38”. Hem Sweep: approx. 40". 
Jacket: Bust: 36”, Shoulders: 13.5”, Sleeves: 20”, CB Neck to Hem: 17.5” 

Condition: No stains, one small hole on left shoulder blade of dress as shown, and one 1/8” at right underarm. The picot type machine edging of the jacket scallops had many losses. Most of these have been re-stitched with a narrow machine zigzag. Please see close-ups.

Price: $125
Vintage Late 1930s Black Crepe Evening
Dress with Gold Sequins SZ M
Order #D2568
Vintage Late 1930s Black Crepe Evening Dress with Gold Sequins SZ M

This very late 1930s to early 1940s dress is a beauty in black crepe with a sweetheart neckline, fitted body and dropped waist seam. The skirt is gored with a tulip flare at the hem. But what you are looking at is the cascade of gold sequined and glass beaded appliqués down the shirred bust to about knee length. Very effective. This is a nightclub performance dress if ever I saw one. These are fabric appliqués with sequins and beads, and the fabric matches the dress crepe. These are all hand sewn onto the gown. The side closes with a metal zipper.
Label: none

Size: Dress: Bust: 38”, Waist: 30”, Hips: 38”, Shoulder to Waist: 16.5”, Shoulder to Hem: 62”, Hem Sweep: 138”.

Condition: no spots or stains. As mentioned the appliqués are all hand sewn on. 

Price: $195